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Original photos in limited and numbered series.
With Certificate of Authenticity.



Size 6×9 in

154 Pages

Book - Un moment à part

Before being a street photographer, Sebastien Manoury is first and foremost a lover of the City and its Inhabitants.

This book compiles several years of city strolls, urban wanderings: from avenues to alleys Human is omnipresent, lonely, unique.

In 120 pictures, Sebastien invites you to share so many memories: each of these images has its own story, all together they tell his story.



Size 6×9 in

142 Pages

Book - Street Life Stories

Couple of street photographers, Maud Walas and Sebastien Manoury take you on their journey: an urban exploration that covers 5 cities, in search of human life, simple and ordinary.

Seeking poetry in the midst of this urban chao, street photography is an excuse to take a kind look at their fellow men.